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Peace, Love & Hospitality

You Lucky Booker!

Booth Packages

Whether it’s a special occasion or you just want a space to call your own, you can reserve a booth right here.

  • All of our booth guests receive personal table service.
  • Friday & Saturday guests will also receive a special Aloha welcome of Lei garlands.
  • Grog shots to make you feel at home.
  • Five Booths,Three Drinks Packages and Two Time Slots to choose from.
  • Booth available Sunday night’s leading into Bank holiday Mondays.
  • Reservation System. (Paypal or Credit Card)
  • Our booths come with different time slots for you to choose from. So if you’re after a warm up session or want to party long into the night, you can do it in true Tiki style. Our booths have two time slots: 8pm-11pm and 11:30pm-4:00am.
  • Cactus Cove seats up to 10
  • Hula Hideaway seats up to 12
  • Skeleton Island is for our larger groups of up to 15 people
  • For smaller parties we have; Beachcombers Bay and Sunset Shore.

About Us

You are now our guest, we welcome you with open arms and half full bottles of rum. Let us take you on a journey.

Glide down the steps into our basement haven and forget all your problems at the door.

Join the atmosphere of an exotic refuge, an island oasis within the metropolis. Stay with us long enough and you might just witness some moments of magic, after the rum has gently eroded away inhibitions and the outside world seems like a distant memory.

Aloha is a Tiki bar that has its roots firmly in Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. We’ve grown organically over time with lots of love, rum and tiki heads.

In true Tiki style, we serve drinks in ridiculously unnecessary sharing vessels such as  volcanoes, conch shells, fresh pineapples and treasure chests – not very practical (but they don’t half look good!) and are guaranteed to make you find your inner Fun-time Frankie.

  • Sight

    We have decorated our humble hideaway with fishing traps, stone statues, giant wooden tiki heads, shells, bamboo, tiki graffiti, gifts from guests and trinkets from around the world.

  • Sound

    An aural smorgasbord that starts with Rock n Roll, Reggae and Soul that often turns tribal when our DJs take control.

  • Taste

    Our head bartender has crafted a menu that will have your taste buds telling you to shut up and stay for another moreish mouthful.


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